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Have You Seen 02 in SABRE and Amadeus?

We fly where your customers want to go!

Linear Air Taxi puts the personal back in flying. We cater to your clients in a way that commercial airlines cannot. Linear Air Taxi lets agents schedule customer flights to fit their own personal schedule. Avoid the extravagance of private jet charters and experience the same benefits: your own plane, no crowds, no security lines - quite simply, no hassles. Just an easy, pleasant experience. Watch the video with CEO Bill Herp and learn more about Linear Air Taxi and what it's like to fly in a Premium Air Taxi.

  • Easy to schedule in Sabre & Amadeus: Schedule one of the departure times on your screen and work with Linear Air to fine tune the exact departure time your client needs.
  • Easy to find airport locations: Air taxis use 10x more airports than the airlines, making it easy to find flights in regional destinations.
  • Happy customers: Clients spend more time enjoying their destination and less time traveling there.
  • Saves time and aggravation: Easy parking and pilot escort for security, check-in, and boarding, you can arrive at the airport just minutes before your flight.
  • Fly nonstop: No need to make airline connections to get to difficult destinations.
  • Cost effective: Linear Air Taxi trip prices start at levels comparable to business-class airline fares - and even less than coach on some routes.

Learn more about how Air Taxi works here!


How to Book on Sabre & Amadeus

* All Linear Air flights are operated by FAA-approved Part 135 commercial operators whose aircraft and pilots undergo continuous FAA inspections.

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