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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page St. Augustine

Going Local Experiences and Encounters on the Road is the first book by travel agency owner, Nicholas Kontis from San Francisco. Nick has been featured in Travel Weekly, Travel Age West, New York Times, on the radio with Peter Greenberg and more

Experiential travel is here to stay. Nick's book covers

The Rise in Peer to Peer Travel

  • Food's new center stage in meeting locals and learning a culture
  • Becoming a Responsible Traveler
  • Volunteer on your journey
  • Taking a life changing trip around the world
  • Living and moving overseas With key note interviews
  • Case studies
  • Apps and Websites to plan your trip


Luminaries in the field of travel. Writing traveling explorers back Nick's mantra of "Going Local" and have lent their takes on travel in my book.

  • Tony Wheeler
  • Richard Bangs
  • Don George
  • Rick Steves
  • Don George
  • Rick Steves
  • Judith Fein
  • David Noyes
  • Tim Leffel
  • James Dosey
  • Dr Harald Goodwin
  • Brian Chesky
  • Eric Wolf
  • Tamara Lowe

case studies and is Tamara Lowe

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